Pre-Science Programme Prospectus for 2023/2024 Academic Session

Section 1: Pre-Science Newsletter

The Essence of Pre-Science Programme

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Pre-Science Programme was designed to provide intensive and most effective remedial and preparatory learning programme.

Many of you joined the programme in order to boost your JAMB score and widen your knowledge about the expectations in the University. Also, to have greater chances of meeting the minimum requirements for admission into Nnamdi Azikiwe University Programmes. This may be stressful and daunting but I can assure you that it is worth all the efforts you put in to achieve your set goals.

The Programme covers a variety of subjects: for the Core Science Students, the subjects include; Mathematics, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography while for the Non-Core Science Students include; Mathematics, English, Geography, Economics, Government and Literature, thus, making it a total of six (6) subjects. Students are advised to write all the subjects so that their four (4) best subjects would be selected to ascertain their final average. The outcome together with JAMB score will be used to determine average score that will determine courses/programmes befitting the students.

For students who didn’t write this year’s JAMB (which might cause delay in their chances of gaining admission into the University, you are encouraged to stay positive and motivated because the 6-month validity of Pre-Science results has been extended to Two (2) academic years. This will avail you the opportunity to use your Pre-Science results already passed, in addition to your JAMB score for admission in the subsequent academic session.

For students to utilize this validity (two years result extension), they MUST score 210 (for candidates applying for Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Radiography) in their new JAMB result and have scored 200 and above in their Pre-Science result. At the end of the programme, the students will be issued Certificate of Participation.


  1. Gaining admission into the University with ease.
  2. Preparing for a high score in JAMB.
  3. Feeling at ease with Year 1 and 2 after gaining admission into the University.
  4. Aiming and achieving higher results due to the reading and learning skills acquired during the programme.


  1. Intensive teaching and learning processes from our experienced teachers who are equipped with wealth of knowledge in various subjects.
  2. Instilling moral values, virtues and support through moral instructions.
  3. Well written textbooks and students Hand Book to provide the necessary guide to prescribed JAMB Curriculum, transmit knowledge and instill reading culture.

The commitments that you need to make for success in the programme are READ, LEARN and WORK THE TALK.

I know that some of you may be hesitant to participate in this programme and may think that you are already good enough. However, I encourage you to give it a trial. You may be surprised at how much you can learn. The Pre-Science remedial programme is a valuable opportunity that you must utilize to achieve your dream of attending University. I urge you to take advantage of it.

Finally dear students, remember that when passion for your dream is unquenched, then quitting is unthinkable and that makes victory inevitable. Keep pushing until something happens. I wish you the best of luck.

Section 2: Rules and Regulations

  1. From Monday to Friday, all students are to leave the hostel before 8 o’clock in the morning. The hostels are to be locked by 8:00 AM for lectures and opened for recess by 12 – 1:00 PM. Also, they will be locked again from 1 – 5:00PM.
  2. Attendance and Punctuality to classes are MANDATORY.
  3. Students MUST be present in the Class at least 10 minutes before the warning bell is rung for classes.
  4. Use of Mobile Phones, Tablets or Laptops during Classes IS NOT ALLOWED.
  5. Students MUST present their ID Cards during examination.
  6. Phones are to be SWITCHED OFF during lectures.
  7. Phones are NOT ALLOWED into the examination hall.
  8. Playing of loud music in the hostel is not allowed.
  9. No form of any music is allowed in the Classroom at any time.
  10. Cooking in the hostel rooms and washing on the pavement or hostel room are prohibited.
  11. Alcohol, Cultism, Smoking, Fighting, Stealing and Sexual practices are prohibited.
  12. Respect all School properties. Any property destroyed by any student MUST be paid for.
  13. No form of DISRESPECT to any staff (Teachers, Security Personnels, Porters, Portresses, Cleaners e.t.c) will be tolerated.
  14. Examination Malpractice is highly prohibited.
  15. For any form of travel, the Porter and Portress MUST be notified.
  16. No student is expected to be outside the hostel latter than 10:00PM. The hostels should be locked for the day by 10:00PM.

Section 2b: DRESS CODE

In conformity with the University’s aim of training students in both Character and Learning, all students are hereby mandated to dress decently in accordance with Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Dress Code.

The acceptable dress for any student is any type of dress that covers the body from the top of the shoulder to midway between the knee and ankle.

The following are regarded as INDECENT DRESSING:

  1. Bleached (Colour dyed), dreadlocks and unkempt hair.
  2. Wearing of mini, spaghetti and handless gown or blouse and tattered (distressed or ripped) jeans.
  3. Wearing of earrings and painting of fingernails by the male students.
  4. Sagging of trousers.
  5. Wearing of Bom and Biker shorts by the female students.
  6. Wearing of boxers or shorts that are above the knees (laps) to the Classroom.

Section 3: Fees

Tuition ₦94,500.00

Accommodation ₦50,000.00

Medical ₦13,000.00

Text Books ₦40,500.00

Please note that all fees are compulsory and should be paid before resumption of academic activities.

Proceed to the Pre-Science Unit at the Utility Building, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Campus to collect account numbers for the stipulated fees above.

Section 4: Requirements for Registration

Students are to return to the Pre-Science Office for their documentations with the following;

  1. Registration form
  2. Two passport photographs(2)
  3. School fees print outs ( tuition, text books, accommodation, medicals)
  4. O’level results

Note: After registration, each student will be issued an ID card, an admission letter and a file containing a placement form, subject registration form and a student medical examination form.

Section 5: Personal Belongings

Students are to get their personal belongings, which include;

  1. Cooking gas (not stove)
  2. Mattress and pillow (to be purchased at the school premises); already used mattresses and pillows not allowed.
  3. Bedspread
  4. Kegs to store water
  5. Buckets
  6. Cooking utensils
  7. Standing Fan
  8. Keys
  9. Cupboards are available at Mbaukwu for hire at a little stipend but students may wish to come with theirs.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please visit our official website or contact the Pre-Science Admissions Office at 09062707028...

CALL: 07088391544 or 090838920222
EMAIL SUPPORT: [email protected]
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